• Fully satisfy the customer by supplying quality, safe, innocuous and healthy products in line with legislation, through the involvement of our staff in the following objectives:
  • Understand and adequately meet your requirements, striving to understand and exceed your expectations.
  • Maintain effective communications with customers, suppliers, shareholders and members of the organization according to their responsibilities.
  • Each fulfill their role within the organization.
  • Update of our Quality System to maintain the highest level of Quality and Safety. Continuous improvement of our processes.


  • Creation and commercialization of healthy snacks for human consumption, nutritious, functional and pleasant. We provide tangible value to employees, suppliers, shareholders and society.


  • World leaders in gluten-free wafer processing
  • High-value brands in the markets in which we participate
  • Differentiated products that generate profitable markets
  • Key technologies in the development of products, processes and services
  • Active, determined, committed, accomplished and capable collaborators


  • We consider that the way of being of others, the fundamental esteem for what they are, the tolerance of their style and character, the appreciation, the appreciation of the value they have and deserve. As well as punctuality in our appointments and commitments
  • Confidence
  • We trust in the security in ourselves, in our team of collaborators and that each one develops according to our expectations, or the familiarity we have on the subject. We understand how the security that each person has in himself is a quality of great value in all areas of human activity.
  • It is essential for us at Oblentia®