We help you to have your identity, maintain it or improve it.

At Oblentia® we are committed to offering a world-class product, made in Mexico for the world. Do you have your own brand? We assemble our product with your Brand, we produce it, cut, label and pack it with your identity, we send your product ready for sale wherever you need it.

What we can offer you:

Receive your labels
receive your boxes
Develop exclusive flavors for your sales channel
Consulting for Amazon USA
Development of your packing boxes
Logo development for your brand or use the brand you already have
Implementation of new labels for your brand in flexography or vinyl printing
Use of our nutritional tables
We help you in conjunction with the Chamber of Industry of Jalisco to review your label so that it meets the official parameters of standard 051
We have an exclusive agreement with DHL for international shipments
We have an agreement with 6 different companies for national shipments
Personalized box with your brand 
We label product with your brand
Barcodes with your brand for use in Mexico, USA, Canada, Central and South America (additional cost) we can use yours if you have them
Wholesale and Retail Prices
Are you interested in distributing our Oblentia® Brand? Export outside of Mexico, sell our product in your country? Ask us, it will be a pleasure to be part of your development.

We are at your service at ventas@oblentia.com